Diploma In Live Sound Engineering

(9 Months) – Rs. 3,40,000

Live Sound engineering Courses focuses on its structure which includes Plenty of hands-on training in the biggest live sound campus in India.

Live Sound Engineers control the sound at live events to produce the perfect blend of instruments and vocals. All instruments and vocals are different and have a distinct sound. A live sound engineer makes sure the sound can be heard with the same clarity in architecturally complex venues as it is heard in venues that have excellent acoustics. Live sound engineering is more than just plugging in some mics and amplifiers, and turning a few knobs. It involves an understanding of acoustical engineering as well as creative talent to work with musicians to give them the desired sound. Every venue comes with its own challenges but a live sound engineer’s job is to play with acoustics and do justice to the musical performance.

Live sound engineering courses are designed to equip you with skills that will prepare you for working in the fast-paced sound industry. Our course will provide you with hands-on training and get you ready to work in the field with artists in just six months. Our faculty will teach you how to mix sound, operate light and PA systems and maintain your audio equipment for a variety of venues. MMI gives you professional training in the biggest live sound campus in Mumbai which includes practical experience and handling of shows at our very own venue.Live Sound Engineering Courses at MMI is a complete package for students to become a successful live sound engineer.

  • Equipment Overview
  • Analogue Mixing Console
  • Microphone Techniques
  • Equalisation
  • Acoustics & Effects
  • Instruments & Mixing

  • Dynamic Control
  • Stage Management
  • Live Events
  • Digital Mixing Consoles
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Live Sound Recording

  • Larger & Outdoor Venues
  • Lighting for Sound Engineers
  • Final Assessment
  • 3 x Live Shows

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