Are you planning a live musical show? Then, the one thing that you will always have to take care about is your tech rider. This is just a document that you need to prepare to give an idea about what are your requirements and how should the stage be before you actually arrive there? It also makes it easy for you or the soundman to understand that it is how you will have to work and it can be hard to accommodate anything more than this number.

Here are five very essential things that a good love sound tech rider will have. You will be able to get an idea about all this only if you have done professional live sound engineering courses.

1. A short overview of the band

A small and short list of all the members of the band, who will be playing which instruments, and along with the instrument, the list and other things that they would need as part of the show. Who is going to sing and who is going to just perform is another parameter that you will have to take care of. This list should give a clear picture of how many people are in the band and which instrument each person plays.

2. List of equipment needed

When you made a list of the band, then now it is time to make a list of equipment and state how many of each equipment is needed. You should also check whether any equipment is supplied by the venue for example: mic stand, carpet, etc. You can get the details from their website or you can personally ask the venue co-ordinator.

3. Layout of the stage

A graphical description of the stage like where who is going to stand, which equipment is going to be placed at which location, what will they be carrying along with them when they enter the stage and what has to be provided along with the one that is being carried. This provides the soundman with a visual overview and allows them to start setting up before you even arrive, which will leave you more time for soundcheck.

4. Your contact details

When you have a look at 10 tech rider lists, you will find that 7 out of 10 are not having the contact details on it. Yes, this is one of the common mistakes done by many bands. So, you need to be sure that you are not repeating this mistake. You may need to print a hard copy to take the club the day of the show, so that it will be easy to reach by telephone or email mentioned in the list.

5. Music links

Your soundman will hardly find time to listen to your music. But it will be great if he listens to it. All you can do is add a small link to your music in a streamable format which makes it easy for the soundman to check even in the last minute. If possible, specify the name of an artist or song which is similar to yours. This gives a good idea to the soundman.

More detailed and clear information will be provided if you enrol in diploma in live sound engineering in Mumbai . Professional training can make you gem in the field.