Sound recording studios are the places where some of the immortal tunes of this planet are born. Every accomplished music maestro has stepped into these spaces to experiment with their vocal chords and create music to which all our souls dance. Be it the gut banging scores of Metallica or the melodious symphony of A.R. Rehman, all of it is made in a music studio and is conditioned there to strike the perfect chord of our heart. Complete with state of art music technology and extremely talented sound engineers, audio recording studios in Mumbai, India help composers create their best musical scores.

Whether an aspiring star wants to record his first music album or a film director wants to produce a movie sound track or an advertisement guru desires to record a commercial or a game developer wants to create an audio for his video game, these studios take care of every small nuance and make the process of composition sweet and easy. They are equipped with what may be correctly termed as the Rolls Royce of musical devices and technology and make facilities like variable acoustics and remote recording of songs available. This not only simplifies the task at hand but also helps create better music.

The music recording, conditioning and mixing facilities are meant for recording music in an environment that is designed for musicians, by musicians. With great technical equipment, advanced acoustics, tasteful visual design and a team of professional engineers, a music recording studio in Mumbai is not just a place for capturing a symphony, but for creating one. Housed in a city that is the heart of the country’s film industry, these studios have recorded millions of songs and collaborated with several artists including Asha Bhosle, Sonu Nigaam and AR Rehman who are famous across the globe for the music they create.

Ranging from voice overs to complex musical briefs, symphony design, ADR and going all the way to the last mix of the song, a sound recording studio in Mumbai makes sure that the audio for one’s television commercial or radio channel becomes a bang on target. Many top of the chart tracks are created and conditioned right here.