With many dreams flowing in a budding artist’s mind, he sure wants to lay down his studio once in a lifetime. Its rather best to first have a professional degree, work with a well-known musician or a Music company, starting on a smaller scale performing live shows, getting the feel of overall how the working is and then set up something of your own albeit on a small scale. The Audio Recording Studios are easy to set up with the right mind-set and taking into consideration what and how much you require and how much space you have at your disposal. Here are some of the important factors before you head out to setup your own studio. This includes the Sound system you want to install, the type of Music you are going to create, right starting from a mere soundproofing to floating floors.

  1. Location – the first and foremost thing is to decide on the location of your studio. The garage is the best place to start setting up your studio. Even after soundproofing, you have enough space in your garden and there are minimal chances of sound escaping. A flat or a room may not be completely soundproof.

  2. Lighting provision – Natural light is the best preserve for many things, it not only saves on your bills but gives a vast working space to your already setup music studio.

  3. Sealing the doors – your studio may have one window and one door. Putting a heavy door may help in curbing the sound to make it soundproof. A layer of vinyl material can help in having effective sound isolation.

  4. Let the wires be there – Sometimes, it is felt to give best look to your setting but not always though. People assume to put the power cables and lighting on the plasterboard walls. But it can destroy the plug sockets that will destroy your built in soundproofing. The cables and power can be mounted on top.

  5. Make room for absorption and diffusion – the reflective properties of plasterboard may give you unpleasant and harsh sounding room, it is not really what you want. The best idea is to have a carpeted room. The wall reflection can use an absorption and diffusion devices.

Building Audio Recording Studios is not an easy job, it is a time consuming process and there are also setbacks there. It can really be frustrating sometimes given the odds and failed attempts but the end result are truly incomparable. At Mumbai Music institute our highly trained professional have unparalleled knowledge and know the best technical system and its working. The different courses that you can avail of at our institute are Diploma in audio engineering, Diploma in Music production, and Diploma in Live Sound Engineering, Professional DJ course. There are other blended course and customized courses that can let you learn the instrument and system that you may be looking for. We offer the best and reliable music courses and hands on experiences with big music directors of bigger companies.