Autotunes is a mechanical pitch and voice altering sound effective. It was developed by an engineer who was researching for the tone of the seismic movement to appreciate better and interpret the tectonic shifts.

However, he found out that it could also alter a singers’ voice and pitch. This invention makes the mechanism a perfect tool to improve the natural imperfections what occurs when a musician sings a song numerous times.

The art of singing

Singing is vocal and emotional. Just like speaking, when you sing or read aloud, your voice may ebb and flow. As a singer, therefore, it’s only natural to experience slight variations on your voice.

Emotional variations, as well as your level of preparedness, determine the changes in your voice’s pitch during a musical performance.  This is why when you sing using a karaoke, your voice is out of tone.  

During music production, this could present a real problem. You can perform superb lyrics, but it wouldn’t flow in exactly the same tone from the beginning to the end. A seasoned sound engineer or musical product as well as you could detect minor inconsistencies.

Where autotune get generated

The main issue is how to capture your perfect performance. Here is where autotune comes in. The technique can adjust the minor fluctuations in your voice pitch. It can also pick your best during the series of repetition to use it for future recording.

Any experienced music producer can perform an autotune. The sound program “evens out” all imperfect pitch to consistently release a flawless sound. It helps reduce the repetitive singing that a producer would have otherwise subjected the singer too.

Any computer with a musical program can do this task well and even store it for future reference.   

Is it really a boon?

Many producers, sound engineers as well as studio managers appreciate the values of this sound-altering system. Almost all of them apply this technology to subtly spicy up songs to listeners’ appreciation.

This enrichment is so minute that you need expert keenness to pick the autotuned sections of the music. Audio recording studios in Mumbai incorporate this technology to enhance the quality of music they produce.

Judicious application of this program helps save in the production costs. Further, it also helps release songs faster without tampering with the natural voice of the singer.

Or is it a curse?

Unfortunately, some sound producing studios in Mumbai go overboard when using the autotune. They set it to the highest configurations. The production of songs using the extreme features of autotune converts the singer’s natural voice.

Instead of producing a natural tone that falters at some points, it generates a mechanical voice that is too perfect to be true. The ultimate sound resembles a robotic sound.

The studios follow on some of the successful musical production made by some famous musicians. However, these avid alterations have not fine well with many listeners. Many song lovers consider these extreme pitch manipulations as musical cheating.