Best Music Academies In Mumbai – A new age mantra who love the rhythm of sound

Music will never end. People will forever listen to different genres of songs, watch their favorite singers on TV and attend live concerts. At the same time, new musicians will keep on cropping up with fresh songs and dances. There is fun where sweet melodies are played, for sure. If you plan to sing professionally in India, we would advise you to seek knowledge first. And it is easy to study now, thanks to the top music academies in Mumbai . Our school, Mumbai Music Institute, is among the best academies you can join.

We aim for excellence when coaching our students and so far we have produced numerous graduates. Our courses are different, enabling you to study one thing at a time. Besides sound production lessons, we also teach you how to play musical instruments. Eventually, we produce a whole musician who can sing, dance and play the guitar, drums and piano. If you truly feel that you can sing, we want to hear more from you.

Song recording

Becoming a full-fledged artist does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of time, determination and effort to record a song that could move the masses. Without prior training you can hardly get it right. Even if you use money to have your song produced, your risk of failure is still high because people have a variety of choices. If you cannot capture their interest from the beginning, they can move on to the next upcoming artist. This is why you need excellent song recording lessons from us.

Our audio lessons are professionally designed to suit your needs as a novice. We have excellent sounds engineering tutors who are ready to train you about the multi-track recording process. Instead of recording all musical instruments at once, this advanced process records each instrument separately. Then all the recorded sounds are merged in to a mix. Multi-track recording enables engineers to independently shape and alter the sounds of different instruments, and to record each instrument in a song at a time. As a result of this technology, a single musician can perform a song without a whole team of engineers and backup singers.

Song editing process

After recording a tune, the next phase is editing it to remove all possible mistakes. We will show you how to use editing tools to do five different actions. These are arrangement, comping, noise reduction, time editing and pitch editing. Our teachers will explain the meaning of each of these editing actions and show you how to use them in your future career. For instance, arrangement entails deleting all tracks that aren’t important, cutting out parts of tracks that add clutter to the mix, delete sections of a song totally and move sections to a new area of the song. As for noise reduction, you will learn how to remove footsteps, background voices, dead air, chair squeaks and so on. Songs editing software will be introduced to you in this step.

Mixing tracks

This is one of the most valuable lessons we teach our students at our Mumbai academy. Mixing is all about making different tracks blend in to a cohesive unit. There are so many methods of mixing tracks, including reverb, panning, balancing faders, equalization, compression, and automation. We will introduce these to you once you join others in the Best Music Institute in India. Feel free to call us for extra details on this matter.