Composing for Bollywood

(Course Duration: 6 Months / Fees: Rs.1,40,000)

This Course offers you an amazing opportunity to learn worldwide and Indian music theories and concepts to be used for your own music production. In this course, we cover Bollywood Music, Western music theory, composition style in Indian classical, Indian Non-Classical, Folk Music and the World Music. This course also serves the purpose as a course in music appreciation. We also discuss the latest trends in the music with our special emphasis on the contemporary techniques in the Bollywood cinema and Global cinema in general.

The methodology of this course incorporates the theory of Genres, Instruments, Components of the Music and musical software (DAW) via Discussion sessions, Practical Sessions, Audio-Video Interactive Sessions, Hands-on Experience and Live performances. After completing this course you will attain knowledge of different trends in different musical forms. You will have understandings of various traditions in the musical cultures. You will become proficient at using these Music composing methods in your own compositions.

A music composer, professional or amateur, should thoroughly understand the different composition styles, to use the musical patterns from different eras & parts of the world to bring freshness in his creation.

So hurry up and sign in for this course to apply a magical touch to your own music!




Courses  Curriculum

Lesson 1 - Current scenario of Indian music culture
  1. Indian film music
  2. Other developing music industries
Lesson 2 - Learning western music theory
  1. DAW
  2. Introduction to music theory
  3. All the scales chords of each & every major scale
  4. Inversion of all the chords
  5. Relative major & minor scales
  6. Family of Chords (Musical Modes)
  7. Hearing & understanding the Composition of the song on the keyboard
  8. Introduction of staff notes both the clefs treble & bass
  9. Details of staff notes
  10. Time Signature
  11. Harmonic progression
  12. Tonal/Real & Melodic Sequences
  13. Tonal center /Tonicization /Modulation /Change of Mode /Key Relationships /Common Chords Modulation
  14. Harmonisation
  15. Songwriting without any Instrument (notation test)
  16. History
Lesson 3 - Composition style of western music theory

  1. Motif
  2. Song structure intro, verses etc.
  3. Composition with modes (student practice)
Lesson 4 - Indian Classical music

  1. Thaat Asawari
  2. Thaat Bhairav
  3. Thaat Bhairavi
  4. Thaat Bilawal
  5. Thaat Kafi
  6. Thaat Kalyan
  7. Thaat Khamaj
  8. Thaat Marwa
  9. Thaat Purvi
  10. Thaat Todi
  11. Light Indian Classical Thumri
Lesson 5 - Indian Classical composition style

  1. Composition on raag (student practice), Designing section in a song (mukhda/Antara etc) (student practice)
  2. Compose a ghazal, lyrics (student practice)
  3. Switch raag, composition on Nagma (arpeggio) , composition on single note (student practice))
Lesson 6 - Music of the world

  1. Pop , Rock, Funk, etc
  2. New Soul, Jazz etc
  3. Cultural effect on music.
  4. Electronic
  5. Instrument Flute
  6. Instrument Violin
  7. Instrument Percussions (create groove)
  8. Guitar
  9. Bass
Lesson 6 - Background music

  1. Movie analyse
  2. Movie analysis
  3. Understanding movie themes (creating tempos for movie themes)
Lesson 6 - Activities

  1. Love Themes 1 Make them listen to different categories of the same theme
  2. Sad Themes 1
  3. Horror and Scary Themes 1
  4. High Intensity Action 1
  5. Magic and Fantasy
  6. Supernatural Grandeur
  7. Detectives style
  8. Dance numbers


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