Masters in Music Production

Masters In Music Production

(Course Duration: 12 Months / Fees: Rs. 270,000 + GST)
Monthly Installments starting from ₹10,602 only.


Today’s Music Producer handles every role that 5 different guys use to handle 10 years ago. Music Producer has a wide range of responsibilities and in most cases, producers bring other talents to a project, acting as a music arranger, composer, musician or songwriter. Primarily a music producer oversees the creation of music. They help provide an overall vision for the album and help to find a seamless way to interrelate the music in an album.  Music Producers can be viewed in the same role that director serve for the film. They are in charge of getting all the musicians to play their best, the song to get & to come the way it was intended, and make sure that the sounds of the engineer in the studio are fitting the song style. They create, guide & direct the process toward an intense of making a final record.

Music Industry runs at lightning speed as far as technology goes, so learning the basic is must & we believe that. There are only two ways to get better at making music: learning & doing. Whether playing an instrument or learning how to mix and produce, there is infinite knowledge out there and no excuse for not soaking it up. But it’s not enough to learn. We believe in giving hands on practice. The relation which MMI have with industries well known artists, gives students the best chance to learn from the best which intensify their practical knowledge throughout the course.

Master in Music Production course gives you the knowledge, experience & understanding which is needed to create music for a wide variety of formats including films, radio, television, games, independent music, etc. Master in Music Production aims to not only developing our student’s technical skills on music software, but also their creative and music learning skills by designing an extensive 1 year course which covers all aspects of creating music. Equipped with these insights, you are enabled to follow your own path yet rewarding career!

Courses  Curriculum 

Level 1 : Introduction to Music and Sound
  • Introduction to music theory & history
  • Understanding of scales and chords
  • Family of Chords
  • Relative Major and Minor Scales
  • Introduction and details of Staff Notes
  • Introduction to Sight Reading
  • Introduction to Sound Waves
  • Psychoacoustics
  • Electronic Music Production
  • How to start a projects and working with tools
  • EQ and Dynamics
  • Reverb and Delay
  • Automation and Sidechain
Level 2 : Music Arrangement , Mixing and Mastering
  • Synthesizer
  • Time Signature
  • Syncopation
  • Tonicization
  • Voicing of different instruments
  • Harmonization
  • Symphony Orchestra
  • Rhythm Notation
  • Arrangements : Orchestral Arrangements, Harmony, Bass/Drum, Sampling, Dubstep , Recording Style
  • Microphone and Micing Techniques
  • Recording and it’s Techniques
  • Mixers and Controllers
  • Mixing and Mastering
Level 3 : Production Live
  • Ableton : Re-Wire
  • Ableton : Effect & Scenes
  • Ableton : Sampling
  • Ableton : Arrangement and Basic Mixing
  • Ableton : Live on Controller
  • Ableton : Practice on Controller
  • Background Music : Introduction
  • Plug-in (Kontakt)
  • Plug-in (Stylus) (Omnisphere) (Trillion)
  • Multi-Instruments

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