Pro Music Production

( Course Duration: 9 Months / Fees: Rs.1,40,000)

Production is an extremely competitive field, and advancement comes as a Producer builds and diversifies his or her skill set or works with on field artists. There is also lot of work that goes into being a Producer outside of the studio such as attending rehearsals, meetings, writing sessions, and going out to shows. The game has changed and the things that are essential are passion and a diverse skill set. As a Producer, you contribute with engineering, playing, writing, arranging, mixing & mastering & for that you have to be more prepared & keep your base strong.

The Pro Music Production course is designed in such a way that it covers all of the topics needed to learn and develop your musical skills starting from Music Theory. Music Theory is as we believe is the base of music foundation, it helps you to build your musical base by concentrating on composition techniques and tunning systems. You will also learn different types of Instruments and their voicing which will help you understand how the original instrument sounds, followed by hands on practise on DAW’s, recording and mixing tasks are commonly centralized within computers using workstations such as Logic Pro & Ableton, which all are often used with third party virtual studio technology plugins.

Our aim is to train students in such a way, that they can create music for a wide variety of formats be it films, television, radio, games or Independent music and train there listening skills in such a way that by the end of the course duration they will be able to listen to music like a multitrack machine, focusing in on each element at will. Production has changed drastically over the years with advancing technology. Where the producer’s role has changed, they have always been seen as a jack of all trades, as their duties require a broad knowledge of the recording process and we believe to teach them to be nothing but perfect.

Courses  Curriculum

Level 1
  1. Keyboard and percussion
  2. Voicing in different section for different instrument
  3. Introduction to Instruments
  4. Compass of Instrument
  5. Ear Training
  6. Music appreciation and identifying Genres of music
  7. Music Writing  in staff notation
  8. Designing Bass Line
  9. Harmonization
  10. Syncopation
  11. About Symphony Music
  12. Research 1 genre of Music and make PPT
Level 2

  1. Software Programmes- Logic Pro and Ableton Live
  2. Hardware- Samplers, Synthesizers, Drum Machines
  3. MIDI- MIDI Controllers, Groove templates, Quantisation
  4. Synthesis- Oscillators, LFO’s, Filters, Control voltages, Modulation
  5. Samplers- Layering, Keyzones, Manipulation, Hardware vs. Software
  6. Drum machines- Beat programming, Pattern programming, Beat detective, Hitpoints
  7. Integrating Audio- Audio file manipulation, Principles of digital audio, Rewire, Plug-ins
  8. FX Processings- Reverb, Delay, Flange, Time stretch
  9. Mixing- EQ, Compression, Mastering



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