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Hindustani  Classical Music :

Course Duration: 12 Months 
Fees: Rs. 50,000 Registration fees Rs. 5000

Hindustani Classical Music also known as Śāstriya Saṅgīt is the birth of music in India, it has been passed from generations. If you master Hindustani Classical Music then this becomes as your base of all form of music & you may learn any other form with ease. Much of the musical forms innovated by today’s pioneers merged from Hindustani Classical its self.

Our course will help you to take first step into Hindustani Classical Music. This course is designed in such a way that you will understand your voice physiology. Eventually you will discover how voice modulation works & how to take ownership of your voice & how to perfect melody, rhythm & musical phrase.

Hindustani classical course comprise of 4 modules & after completion of this course, students will:

  • Build strong foundation and appreciation in music.
  • Develop confidence by engaging students in musical performances
  • Nurturing skills and thinking ability on creating and composing music.
  • To achieve excellence in skills to perform and pursue Music as a career.
  • To compose tunes based on learnt Ragas.
  • Usage of ornaments of music to render emotions in songs.
  • Practical application of concepts of voice exercises.
  • Listening to musical sounds and Swar identification.
  • Performance enhancement by note stability, free voice, vowel sounds.
  • Developing vocal skills through Swar Sadhana.
  • Understanding Raag and emotions and also practicing its components.
  • Creating and singing Alankar patterns.
  • Awareness of Rhythm pattern.
  • Exposure to music genres in India like folk, regional, Bollywood, devotional, Sufi.

Bollywood Basics : 

3 Months(Once in a week) | Fees: Rs. 5000 + taxes = Rs. 5900
(Registration fees Rs.900)

This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Indian Vocal Music.

Traditionally this knowledge was only attained by studying with a guru. Now we are bringing the guru to your fingertips, to get you playing in weeks, not years.

You will have a solid foundation of knowledge to progress to our course on bollywood Basics

The curriculum is structured into 3 sections to build upon your knowledge at each step.

  1. Get to know Vocals
  2. Introduction to Indian Music with Vocals
  3. Vocal Exercises – 3 Bollywood movie songs

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