The sound engineering and music production courses prepare you for a wide variety of careers in the domain. The first name that comes to mind in this particular regard is that of a record producer. This is, in fact, the commonest career in this case. These professionals are also referred to as track producers and music producers. These are important people because they are responsible for managing and monitoring the whole recording and production process of a song. At times, it could be for a whole album as well, which contains dozens of songs. They are supposed to play various roles like getting ideas for a musical project.

Music Director

By studying in the music production courses you can work as a music director as well. A music director is also referred to as the director of music as well as the musical director. She or he is the person who is supposed to take care of all the music-related work being done in the film. She or he also deals with musical productions as well as performances. One of the best examples you have in this regard in India is AR Rahman. He is someone who needs no introduction as such.

Independent Producer

When you study music production in Mumbai this is also one career where you can find work. They are just like a record producer with the only difference being that they operate outside the studio system. They are not part of any formal or institutional set-up as such. These are freelance professionals operate on their own. Ritviz and Nucleya happen to be the best examples of independent music producers in India. Ritviz is the man behind the hit track Ud Gaye. Nucleya happens to be one of the top producers of electronic music in India.

Sound Designer

This is also a career you can opt for after completing your studies in sound engineering and music production courses. These professionals are supposed to create and find audio effects for a musical project. These effects could either be live or recorded. They are used for various multimedia performances and a diverse array of productions. They produce and select everything with great care. This includes atmosphere effects like traffic sounds as well as spot effects like explosions. They are also known as special effects or sound editors.


By spending time in the music production courses this is also one career you can go for. A music arranger is someone who reconceptualizes a musical work that has been composed already. There are various new elements that such a professional can add to such work as reharmonization, orchestration, melodic paraphrasing, and developing a formal structure. The process of arrangement should however not be confused with orchestration. The difference lies in the limited nature of instruments and techniques that can be used in orchestration. One of the best examples for such a profession in India is Meghdeep Bose. Apart from being an arranger, Bose is also a music producer, singer, and composer. He has worked in some of the top films such as Baaghi 3 and Panga.


When you study in the music production courses you can also work in a wide range of other careers such as the following:

  • Programmers
  • Sound designers and music producers for games
  • Mixing engineers
  • Radio DJs
  • Jingles and ads such as Clinton Cerejo
  • Radio editors who make pre-recorded shows for radios
  • Pop-up sounds and ringtones
  • Live performers such as Ranjit Barot
  • Music producers and song composers for films, reality shows, and TV shows
  • Makers of sound plug-ins like Native Kontakt
  • Background music scorers such as Salim and Sulaiman

You need to make sure that you are making the right choice in this regard.