Live sound engineering is a highly technical job that involves working at concerts and with artists to give them the sound that they want. It can be confusing deciding on a course that will get you on the path to becoming a good sound engineer. It is definitely not an easy job and the challenges are many.

The first step is to get yourself certified and enrolled in a sound institute. The plus point is you will get professional training at a reputed institute. Your knowledge base will increase and you can interact with people working in the industry. Mumbai Music Institute is one of the institutes that offer a Live Sound Engineering course in the biggest set up in India. Live sound engineering courses are designed to equip you with skills that will prepare you for working in the fast-paced sound industry. Mumbai Music Institute does not only concentrate on theory and has 90% of practicals in the course content. You will get a chance to handle equipment like Avid’s Venue SC48, Yamaha’s LS9 32 channel mixer as well as line array from D.A.S. Audio Aero 28 and Aero 218 which drives through the world’s best Amplifier by Lab Gruppen. This kind of equipment has been the glory of SunBurn, NH7 Weekender and many more musical events. You will also get chance to handle our upcoming shows under the guidance of our in house engineer.


The second step is to research blogs and read up about the sound industry in India and abroad. A lot of professionals write blogs about live sound engineering, the equipment they use, the problems they face in the field and other useful knowledge that will guide you when it comes to working in live shows. It is important to gain information about the scene in India as well as abroad.


The last and final step is to start working because without practical experience you cannot move forward. Take an internship under the guidance of professionals and build up your skills and expertise till you start getting contracts on your own.

Live Sound Engineering is an interesting field to be a part of which will take you on a rollercoaster ride but you will enjoy every second of it!