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The course will teach you about Live Sound Engineering Focusing on its structure which includes Plenty of hands-on training in the biggest live sound campus in India. If you are looking for a top music institute in India, your search ends here, as MUMBAI MUSIC INSTITUTE offers the best Live Sound Engineering courses. 

Our Live Sound Training will help you to create your own path in today’s music industry. The professional  faculty at Mumbai Music Institute comprises of the best trainers in the music industry. Our Live Sound Engineering School will not only help you to understand the technicalities of Live Sound but also help to explore your creative abilities in music. 

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Live sound engineers make sure the instruments and vocals at concerts blend together. All instruments and voices aren’t created equal. A live sound engineer’s job is to wrestle with these factors and coax the correct overall sound out of any situation. Good live sound engineering and concert sound engineering requires more than plugging in some amplifiers and turning a few volume knobs. It demands knowledge of acoustics and electronics, combined with the collaborative skill of an artist to work with a band or producer to give them the sound they want. Every venue is different — from the cosy bar to a medium-sized concert hall to an outdoor arena, each brings its own challenges to audio engineering. But it’s the live sound engineer’s job to tame acoustics and bring the musicians’ efforts home to the audience. The intensive Live Sound program is designed to equip you with the necessary skills and training to get you working in the fast-paced live sound industry in 6 months. Our expert faculty will teach you how to mix sound for live concerts, operate Light and PA systems and maintain audio equipment for a variety of club, theatre, and stage venues. You’ll be prepared to excel in any live audio environment. With a solid technical foundation combined with practical engineering experience, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the music industry.



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