Why music, and why MMI?

Music is a way of life. It has become more and more important that one learns how to work with music in everyday life. Our life itself is in perfect harmony as in a musical instrument, so learning how to control our musical instrument would help us retain balance in the instrument of life.

In India, particularly in Mumbai, there are numerous institutions who offer music related schooling. However, most of these institutions are fake and do not teach music the right way. Their faculty consists of amateur musicians who have only memorized a few chords. This is not the case with the Mumbai Music Institute. At MMI, we offer the music education that only the top music institutes in India offer, and we do that through our dedicated faculty of professional musicians.

Who we are?

The Mumbai music institute is a private music institute in India, which offers top quality music education. Our institute has the reputation of being one of the top music institutes in India, and our professionally trained faculty offers the best music education in the region. We have been training hundreds of different students from across the country, and over the years have produced top quality musicians who have been recognized internationally in various competitions abroad. MMI strives to bring peace to the country through music, where people play guitars in the streets instead of guns, where men teach women the art of music, rather than the art of war.

Our faculty

Our staff has been professionally trained to offer the very best around. We choose our faculty through a very careful selection process. Each year we are showered with many candidates who offer their services to the institution. They first go over a selection process through three major tests. The first test is their interview where they are tested on their knowledge on the particular type of instrument they play.

The second is their written test where they are given an hour to answer questions regarding their musical instrument. Lastly, they are to pass a practical exam where they have to play a song of our choice using their instruments. If the candidate passes all three exams, then he/she may be allowed to go through training, where he/she is given training on how to teach to the students, grooming their teaching skills as well as turning them in friendly, helpful professionals. We then make them go through a trial session where they are tested with what they have learned during training. If they go through, then they are allowed to teach one of our classes.

Contact us

Our institute is always here for any suggestions, complaints or comments that you may have. We feel that it is important that we always improve our services as per customer requirements. Our contact details can be found on all pages of the website.

It’s time to look over all the fake institutions and choose the real deal. Make a smart choice, choose Mumbai Music Institute.