Do you have a genuine calling in music production? If you find yourself writing songs, singing, dancing to the tunes or desiring to play musical instruments, the odds that you have a vocation in music are high. And if that’s the case, we want to hear from you. The Mumbai Music Institute is the leading provider of music production courses that will spearhead your career in music.

We have short courses that take you just a few days to complete. By the time you finish your modules, we will make sure that you understand everything. Our school is licensed and certified to teach students in Mumbai. You can attend our institute from anywhere, but we are based in Mumbai. For guaranteed success in your musical studies and career, choose us. We produce successful students every month and most of our alumni are doing great in life.

Our competent, experienced and knowledgeable teachers are polite and keen on delivering knowledge the right way. They are part of the reason why our college is doing so well. We are preferred for other reasons as well, including producing the best professionals and offering affordable fees. Here are 3 of the courses we provide.

A diploma in Audio Engineering

Being a very diverse field, music has many areas and you can only study one or two at a time. If you want to begin with sound engineering, we are your best bet. The work of a sound engineer is to create frequent sounds for the songs. They are taught about technical areas of sound when recording, mixing or reproducing music. As you might know, record producers collaborate with audio engineers to make sweet sounds. As a result, they learn how to tune a recording automatically, add sounds that they have made to a track and combine different pieces of a song to make it complete. If you want to do these things, get in touch with us today. We will give you comprehensive training in this area and prepare you for the world out there.

A course in music production

If interested in producing music, Mumbai Music Institute is your first and last resort. Prior to making saleable music, it goes through various stages: composition, sampling, sequencing, and recording. We teach various modules to students who wish to excel in this area. Ranging from acoustics to sounds to song composition and production, our institute has the right techniques and tools. All our lessons are taught in a contemporary manner. We will introduce you to the recording equipment and software and make you victorious eventually.

Learn to do live sound engineering

Musicians sing on stage in front of thousands of people, sometimes. In order to avoid embarrassment, instruments and vocals must be in tandem. Hence, you could enroll with us to become a live sound engineer. By so doing, you will be employed to engineer sounds and this will entail more than just setting up and controlling the musical equipment. Once you join us, we will coach you on electronics and acoustics and give you tips on working with bands and producers.