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    Master in

    Music Production

    Our Master in Music Production ONLINE course gives you the knowledge, experience & understanding which is needed to create music for a wide variety of formats including films, radio, television, games, independent music, etc. Master in Music Production aims to not only developing our student’s technical skills in music software but also their creative and music learning skills by designing an extensive online course that covers the basics of creating music.

    The music industry runs at lightning speed as far as technology goes, so learning the basics is a must & we believe that. There are only two ways to get better at making music: learning & doing.

    Course Fee: 3 Months – 1,40,000/-



    Music Production

    Production is an extremely competitive field, and advancement comes as a Producer builds and diversifies his or her skill set or works with on-field artists. As a Producer, you contribute with engineering, playing, writing, arranging, mixing & mastering & for that you have to be more prepared & keep your base strong.

    Our Pro Music Production Online Course is designed in such a way that it covers all the basic topics needed to learn and develop your musical skills starting from Music Theory. Music Theory is as we believe is the base of music foundation; it helps you to build your musical base by concentrating on composition techniques and tuning systems.

    Course Fee: 2 Months – 1,20,000/-


    Music with logic pro

    Audio & CUBASE

    If you’re looking for the best online music production courses, have an interest in music theory for electronic music producers, or quite simply need to know how to learn music production at home, then you have happened upon the right page. Mumbai Music Institute introducing MUSIC WITH LOGIC PRO AUDIO & CUBASE AUDIO to provide everything you need to get started in the world of music production.

    The contemporary editing tool is the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), a piece of software that stores and organizes all the assets of a musical project. We will focus on the editing tools that are essential in contemporary music production and that all DAWs provide. We will explore the basic functionality of both hardware and software mixing boards, including volume, pan, mute, solo, busses, inserts, sends, and submixes.

    Course Fee: 1 Month – 45,000/-



    Music Making course

    For those of you interested in producing music as a hobby, Mumbai Music Institute brings you Hobby Music Making course. This course is specially designed by Mumbai Music Institute for you to make productive use of pandemic crises. We are introducing our ‘Online Presence’ with this course, you can learn with us LIVE as this course with be conducted purely in LIVE VIDEO format.
    Similar to other hobbies like drawing, writing or cooking, music production is a creative pursuit, as you’re limited only by your imagination. In order to produce electronic music on a computer, you’ll need a Digital Audio Workstation, also known as DAW. A DAW is a software application used for producing, editing, and recording music.
    You will learn how to create, how to enhance, or how to modify existing music. The basic execution of this tool (DAW) will be the core concentration for Hobby Music Making. Focusing on working professionals, students, people passionate about creating music, beginner rappers, independent artists etc. we have designed this course especially for you to destress/make productive use of it in the current scenario.

    Course Fee: 2 Weeks  – 21,000/-

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