We all know that there is more to a concert than just the band playing on stage. Live sound engineering or concert engineering is using a mixing console to blend together all the sounds that are produced at a live event. Live sound engineers plug in mics, amplifiers and monitors for a live concert. They are responsible for the sound check that takes place hours before the actual show. They are the ones behind the huge mixing board and trust me, they know what they’re doing. The Live sound engineer makes sure the audience has a blast. All the stage mics and monitors are set up by the engineer. His job is to please the band as well as the audience. The band needs to be able to hear themselves for which the stage monitors are used, and the audience should hear the band playing irrespective of their seat in the house- be it the front row seat or the back benchers. Another important aspect of live sound engineering is the mixing console which consists of channels which can range from eight to 124 or more in the later models. Live sound engineers must give attention to detail on this mixing board so as not to mix up the audio (pun intended). 3 There are a set of skills that a live sound engineer must possess in order to successfully handle a live concert. The live sound engineer must work with a number of people and groups in the course of putting on a single event. He must have good communication skills so that he understands what the band wants and can cooperate with them for a rocking concert. He should understand the constraints of the venue and work according to the terms of the venue managers. And lastly, he must cater to the audience. It is their opinion that matters the most and every seat should be the best seat in the house from an audio standpoint. 2 Mumbai Music Institute in India offers a Live Sound Engineering course where you will get training in the biggest infrastructure and latest equipment to use which will give you in depth knowledge of Concerts and shows. Live sound engineering courses are designed to equip you with skills that will prepare you for working in the fast-paced sound industry. Some added Advantages of doing this Course through MMI is Students will get to Work on Live musical Events For Practical Experience and a Guaranteed Internship to give a kick Start to your Career.



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