Sumanta Das started his musical journey at the age of 16 when he took formal vocal training he was passionate about music and decided to turn it into a career. He completed his sound engineering from SAE Mumbai, after which he started assisting, composing and arranging music for various TV programs . He is an excellent teacher. His teaching techniques are very practical- based thus providing the students with first- hand experience in music production. He makes sure that the students grasp the concept thoroughly, thus preparing them to work skilfully in the industry. His repertoire includes.
D3 (Dil Dosty Dance), Making of RA1 ,word match ,luck luck ki baat, Yeh Parinde, Ishaan. Songs for Big CBS , Arrange & mix for AM Radio, Ad score for Daima production, Songs produced for Twilight productions, MEN will be Men, he has also done live shows and composed music for kingfisher .